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DULCEDO Management represents those special individuals. The ones who have that X factor, that special spark that differentiates “good” from “amazing”. Right from the start, Dulcedo has encouraged out-of-the-box thinking by embracing innovative initiatives. Always one click away from an opportunity, we used Facebook as our initial mean to hunt for individuals with model potential. Scrolling through friends of friends, we found bright pretty faces with something much more valuable: personalities. In the blink of an eye, we started signing soon-to-be-models.

Over time, we transformed into something bigger. We took on entertainment extraordinaires, top-pick influencers, major sports figures and many more. We’re basically a big friendly family with highly curated members.

As you can see, diversity is our thing: from a weird haircut to bold styling, we believe beauty and creativity is found in the unexpected. That’s also why we fly high on finding emerging talents. They love shaking

things up through a fresh perspective – just like we do.

We fuel on change, but our success is constant. Agencies do their thing, we dare to do things differently. We’re the mostest of everything.

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