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Seneca Sense Technologies is a Canadian wearable tech company that has developed a new wearable adult brief sensing technology for the growing incontinence market.

Our Team

We are a group of scientists & engineers with many years of combined experience in technology and in the adult incontinent industry. Amongst many others, we can count in our team 3 employees with Ph.D.’s, 6 employees with master’s degrees in Engineering and a minimum of 10 years of experience in several fields. We are proud to say that we are a vertically integrated company, that does all mechanical, software & electronic engineering in-house as well as the R&D for future iterations of our wearable sensors. We also manufacture the sensors at our facility in Montreal, Canada.

We have spent over 2 years developing a low-cost solution that aims to help millions of incontinent elderly people.

Our product solution includes a sensor that, when placed in an adult brief or protective underwear, will transmit incontinence information wirelessly to a server through an easy-to-use app.