Job Title: Executive Secretary, Secretariat of the Arctic Council's Sustainable Development Working Group (SDWG)
Job Opening Number: 10140
Location: Université Laval
Full-time/Part-time: Full-time
Regular/Temporary: Temporary
Posting Period: (From 17-10-2022 to 02-12-2022).
Workplace: Office of the Vice Rector of Research and Innovation, Pavillon des sciences de l'éducation
Status/Eligibility: Temporary, two-year contract, open to nationals of Arctic States

Job Rationale
Located in the heart of Québec City, Université Laval is renowned for its vibrancy, innovation, and excellence in scientific research and higher education. It was recently ranked by Forbes Magazine as the top employer in the Québec City area. The university is also ranked 18th on the list of best employers in Canada, all sectors combined. Université Laval boasts nearly 10,000 employees who strive, day in, day out, to fulfil the institution's mission.

As a result of a Global Affairs Canada Call for Proposals, Université Laval and Institut nordique du Québec (INQ) were tasked to implementing and commissioning the Arctic Council's Sustainable Development Working Group (SDWG) Secretariat. It is therefore Université Laval's responsibility to hire the staff.

SDWG is one of six Arctic Council working groups, and is tasked with protecting and improving the environment, economy, social conditions, and health of Indigenous communities and inhabitants of the Arctic.

The Secretariat's role is to support the working group in fulfilling its mandate by providing administrative support such as organizing meetings and drafting reports, disseminating official SDWG communications, distributing documents, coordinating the working group's activities, providing logistical support, managing the SDWG's website, and performing any other administrative tasks assigned by the SDWG chair or by the SDWG as a whole.  The Executive Secretary will manage the staff of the SDWG Secretariat, the finances associated with the Secretariat and, in some cases, the finances associated with projects carried out by the SDWG.

The priorities and directives of the working groups’ secretariats are established by their Chairs. The Executive Secretary of the SDWG Secretariat is responsible, together with its team, for addressing the administrative and logistical needs of SDWG and its Chair.

Job Summary
Under the administrative supervision of the Vice-rector of Research and Innovation, and the direction of the rotational Chair of the Arctic Council's SDWG, the Executive Secretary of the SDWG Secretariat is primarily entrusted with the following duties:

In strategic terms :

  • Provide the SDWG Chair with support to carry out SDWG's activities and initiatives in a prompt and effective manner.
  • Support SDWG's activities and initiatives, both in terms of the group's general operations and in the planning and execution of projects that are initiated by the group and are in line with the Arctic Council's in line with decisions taken by Senior Arctic Officials and the Arctic Council's Ministerial Declaration.
  • With the help of the Secretariat's staff, establish and maintain effective and smooth communications with  all stakeholders, including: the SDWG Chair,  Heads of Delegation of the SDWG’s eight member countries, SDWG’s six Indigenous Circumpolar Organizations (Permanent Participants), SDWG's two Expert Groups (Arctic Human Health Expert Group and Social, Economic, and Cultural Expert Group), the Secretariats of the Arctic Council's five other working groups, as well as the key stakeholders, including Council observers, to advance the priorities of the Arctic Council and the SDWG Strategic Framework.
  • Cooperate closely with the Arctic Council Secretariat and the Indigenous Peoples' Secretariat to harmonize their work with SDWG activities.
  • Represent the SDWG Chair at workshops and meetings, in accordance with the shared operating guidelines of the Arctic Council's working groups.

In operational terms :

  • Provide logistical, administrative, and technological support for SDWG, including the following:
  • Disseminate SDWG official communications.
  • Coordinate SDWG activities.
  • Prepare and submit followup documents for projects supported by the SDWG.
  • Provide organizational support for SDWG meetings (prepare documents such as meeting notices, agendas, specific documentation relating to different topics, PowerPoint presentations, summaries, etc.)
  • Comply with Arctic Council and SDWG requirements regarding the production of reports.
  • Manage the website and other communications and information material.
  • Produce various reports required by Global Affairs Canada and other funders.
  • Produce annual financial statements.
  • Follow up on SDWG correspondence, as well as filing and archiving of documents.
  • Carry out any other administrative tasks assigned by SDWG or its Chair.
  • Manage Secretariat staff and finances.
  • Employ emerging technologies to boost SDWG's efficiency and improve productivity of its secretariat from a logistical and administrative perspective.

Desired competency profile :

  • You will collaborate directly to the development and implementation of the Arctic Council's strategic plans by providing an integrated vision of Arctic Council’s leadership;
  • You have a keen understanding of the political landscape of issues related to the North and the Arctic, with a view of intervening strategically, if necessary, with the actors;
  • You are skilled at making appropriate decisions at the opportune time, taking action, and assuming risks;
  • You are adept at managing the operations for which you are responsible to achieve objectives, through optimal use of the available resources and with a view to continuous improvement;
  • You have a strong ability to forge and maintain partnerships, both internally and externally, with a view to achieving the objectives of the Arctic Council's Sustainable Development Working Group;
  • You have the ability to support all the SDWG’s members, including the Permanent Participants (circumpolar Indigenous organisations);
  • You show open-mindedness and respect for other people, cultural diversity, new ideas, and approaches that differ from your own;
  • You are skilled at creating positive relations with partners and maintaining a high degree of satisfaction by offering quality services that address their aspirations, needs, and expectations;
  • You encourage your employees' professional development by helping them learn and grow;
  • You have an ability to propose original, imaginative, or innovative approaches within an administrative framework.

Required Qualifications
Given the complexity of the position (number of countries, number of Indigenous organizations involved, etc.) the successful candidate must :

  • Hold an undergraduate degree in an appropriate field of study;
  • Have at least five (5) years' experience in one or more positions and roles relevant to the position of Executive Secretary of the SDWG Secretariat;
  • Possess knowledge about challenges relating to the Arctic and circumpolar regions;
  • Be highly proficient in project management and financial management;
  • Have excellent written and oral communication skills.

The following skills will be considered as assets :

  • Familiarity with international diplomacy;
  • Knowledge about international organizations  involved in Arctic issues;
  • Knowledge about northern and Arctic communities;
  • High degree of comfort working in an international context.

The person filling this position must be proficient in both written and spoken English.

Job Classification

Salary Range
This is a Class 2 managerial position (provisional). The salary ranges from CAD$77 637 (minimum) to CAD$110 911 (maximum).

Special Conditions
This position is based at Université Laval in Québec City.

Relocation costs will be covered.

It is a two-year contract, with possibility of renewal. The start date will be as soon as possible. The Règlement régissant les conditions d'emploi des cadres (regulation governing the employment conditions of managers) applies.

Given the many different time zones in which SDWG members are located, the successful candidate must be highly proficient at determining the most appropriate times for holding group activities.

The successful candidate must also be willing and able to travel regularly both nationally and internationally.

For further information, or to inquire about accessibility measures, please contact Roxanne Drapeau at 418-656-2131, extension 404053.

To Apply:
Interested employees must submit an application by clicking on the button "Postuler" on the website and attach a single file containing a cover letter (one page) and recent résumé. You can also send your application directly to Roxanne Drapeau : [email protected].

Université Laval values equity, diversity, and excellence, and is firmly committed to providing an inclusive work and living environment for all its employees. At Université Laval, diversity is considered a source of richness, and we encourage qualified individuals of all origins, sexes, sexual orientation, and gender identities or expressions, as well as persons with disabilities, to apply.

Université Laval also adheres to an affirmative action program (link to French version only) for women, members of visible or ethnic minorities, Indigenous persons, and persons with disabilities. Please note that selection tools can be adapted, in complete confidentiality, for persons with disabilities, according to their needs. Given the international nature of SDWG, all qualified applicants shall be considered, provided they meet Canadian immigration requirements. Please visit

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