Account Manager - Export Sales Specialist

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The role of an Account Manager - Export Sales Specialist is important for any organization to increase profitability by broadening its horizons and reaching out to clients from different countries. In doing so, he (she) sees to it that the company keeps existing customers. Thus, the Account Manager - Export Sales Specialist responsibilities are of great importance when any business organization needs to expand their business, which contributes to increased profit margins.

Main responsibilities of an Account Manager - Export Sales Specialist

An Account Manager - Export Sales Specialist is responsible for producing and improving sales of products in other countries. They ensure that products are available in international markets by analyzing customer trends and developing sales plans and strategies to meet their needs. In detail the main responsibilities that must be handled by the Account Manager - Export Sales Specialist:

  • The basic and most important step is to identify new business opportunities by exploiting potential customers from different countries
  • Plan, design, develop and implement different sales activities by researching customer needs and requirements
  • Ensure that existing customers are retained and maintained during the development of new clients
  • To ensure that all sales and marketing activities are carried out within agreed budgets, volume, sales and on time
  • Take initiatives and efforts to find constructive and effective solutions to all issues that slow or hinder export procedures and activities
  • Constantly reviewing the distributor's performance and monitoring his work, so that relevant information can be provided to management

In addition to these responsibilities, they attend meetings with other companies to negotiate, so that they help in the overall growth and development of the business organization. He conducts market research, conducts surveys and studies competitors and their marketing and sales strategies.

On this basis, it develops new plans that will help the organization to compete by prioritizing the target countries.

They actively participate in training sessions to improve his knowledge and skills. He attends trade shows and exhibitions. They can even make suggestions to improve the product based on feedback received from customers. It trains and acts as a mentor to sales representatives, raises awareness of market needs and identifies potential customers, finally with regard to the products envisaged in the target countries participates in the development and implementation of advertising campaigns and marketing.
Starting in Montreal, then going to Dubai. 

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