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The Dandurand brand of expertise

At Dandurand, it’s about high standards, ambition and passion. Offering an exceptional portfolio of imported wines. Showcasing producer know-how and passion. And always ensuring that our partners get the best business opportunities.   

With over 130 employees and 50 years of experience, Dandurand is the largest family-run wine importation business in Canada. Dandurand represents 35 exclusive wine producers—leaders in their category—for a total volume approximating 4 million cases. It’s this vast and varied imported wine portfolio that makes Dandurand the undisputed choice of Canadian-wine-industry decision-makers.

Coast to Coast

With offices in Montreal, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver, Dandurand maintains relationships with Canada’s various alcohol monopolies as well as the market’s main influencers. What’s more, Dandurand provides its partners with an experienced sales team in all ten provinces. You’re passionate about wine and art de vivre, have proven ambition and are committed to achieving your goals.

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