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The world has shifted from simply selling products, to sensing and responding to how the customer feels. At RENWIL, in the spirit of our founder Allen Wilner, we begin from the conviction that people want to live well. This has never been more true; industries built around “the art of living” — from cooking and gardening, to interior design and the increasing emphasis on original goods — have never been more prevalent. Our customers want to live surrounded by products that have personal resonance and that reflect who they are, products that take them out of the day-to-day and into a sanctuary. Designers know that the objects we surround ourselves with tell a story. By shaping the objects, interactions, and environments we live in, design literally changes our world. At RENWIL, this focus on users inspires great ideas from our in-house artists, and ensures that our solutions meet real needs. Our team cares about the people who will use the products we create. Analyzing current trends and listening to our customers’ desires has informed the foundation of our new line, inspiring our designers and artists in their quest to create unique products for “The ART of Living Well”. For even more inspiration: facebook.com/renwildecor pinterest.com/renwildecor instagram.com/renwildecor