À propos

Ædifica est une agence d’architecture qui compte aujourd’hui près de 125 collaborateurs dans les domaines de l’architecture, de l’aménagement corporatif, du design commercial, de l’ingénierie, du développement durable et des communications. Notre pratique s’articule autour d’une approche intégrée, multidisciplinaire et évolutive conjuguant créativité et réalisation.
Ædifica is a unified team of architects, designers, engineers, communications specialists and project managers who share a common desire to create meaningful and long-lasting places. The firm has been in business since 1979 and now consists of over 125 professionals providing an integrated service offer. We are a strategic partner for our clients thanks to our joint efforts to serve them to the best of our expertise, at every opportunity. The founding principle of Ædifica is to bring the complementary fields of expertise of our multidisciplinary team together under one roof. Ready to tackle the challenges facing large organizations, we use a synergetic approach which enables us to orchestrate our efforts around a shared, holistic vision that ties creativity, achievement, innovation and performance together. At the core of our mission lies a commitment to go beyond the principles of consulting to become a strategic partner with our clients in the success of the projects that we undertake together.