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Spectrum Productions is a non-profit social enterprise based in Montreal, Quebec committed to advancing the social, cultural and economic inclusion of individuals on the autism spectrum by supporting and promoting autistic creative talent in film and media production and the arts.


To create opportunities for autism in film and media production and the arts by providing inclusive and supportive spaces where autistic youth and young adults can explore their artistic interests, develop their skills, share their work, gain experience in the industry and build a dynamic social and professional network.


To build a global community that supports and celebrates autistic creative talent.


WE VALUE INDIVIDUALS. We believe that all individuals with autism are unique and deserve to have a voice, be heard and be supported in their own interests and choices.

WE VALUE ART. We believe experiences in the arts provide opportunities for self-exploration, self-expression, communication and deeper engagement with each other and the community.

WE VALUE COMMUNITY. We believe that meaningful social connections in an environment of mutual acceptance and support contribute to well-being and increased quality of life.

WE VALUE EDUCATION. We believe that appropriate and relevant education and training opportunities should be inclusive, accessible and affordable.

WE VALUE MEANINGFUL AND EQUITABLE EMPLOYMENT. We believe that individuals with autism should be able to choose career options on an equal opportunity playing field in work that is challenging and fulfilling, be recognized for their contributions and be paid a fair wage.