Coordonnateur(trice), Inscriptions et soutien aux exposants

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The Registration and Exhibitor Support Coordinator plans and delivers on all aspects of traditional and digital event registration, attendee preparation and service/support to CIM exhibitors. This individual drives both processes 50/50 with a heavy focus on Trade Show activities 6 out of 12 months. Registration processes vary in scope and live year-round.

Trade Shows

Provide Exhibitor and Sponsor with ongoing service and support – provide customer service to 500+ exhibitors and partners, from time of booth reservation to trade show floor. Email, phone, web and digital communications with such partners include FAQs, notices, reminders, authorizations, liaison with vendors, follow-ups, invitations, assistance with details. Align work flow with that of Expo Sales Manager.

Desired outcome:  Facilitate exhibitor preparation and ensure smooth operations.

Maintain and update event sales tracking tools –  Assist in updating and upkeeping sales tracking tools including Consumption Matrix, Priority Points, XRM, exhibitor manual, sponsorship documentation, periodical reports and communications with partners. Desired outcome: Ensure integrity and accuracy of data and communications in the sales process.

Conference / Event Registration

Scope registration requirements and implement softwares and processes - Lead, monitor and test registration company/softwares for all CIM events, including traditional and digital events. Oversee outsourced registration services and travel to various events to manage the on-site registration desk and resources. Desired outcome: Implement comprehensive registration solutions and solid on-site service.

Manage registration and provide assistance - for all events, attendees, from pre to post event. Responsible for all inquiries, questions, materials and processes, staffing and reporting. Use email, phone and any other mean of communications to provide service to members, delegates, exhibitors, visitors, participants, volunteers, VIPs, presenters and others. Address special cases and needs in a way that reflects CIM standards and its commitment to community members. Desired outcome:  Meet high standards in customer care for all involved with CIM events by providing registrants with an optimal experience.

Populate event calendars on the web where CIM Events can post its event details at no charge. Also research and recommend conference alert web sites CIM could and should subscribe to.

Provide administrative Support the Events Group - Administrative and coordination work – i.e. work on sponsorship processes, issue generic and specific event invitations, prepare presentations and reports, prepare registration and info counter, staff schedules, training tutorials and supervise on-site registration activities and staffing. Desired outcome:  Ensure efficient, smooth-running events and meetings.

Knowledge, Experience and Skills - The work requires:

  • Formal training/education in project/event planning
  • Tested knowledge of the events and trade show industry and vocabulary
  • 3 years’ Customer Relations experience
    Organizational skills, multi-tasking ability and attentiveness to detail
  • Fluency in the use of the MSOffice suite – Excel, Word intermediatelevel
  • Comfort with registration and CRM software packages
  • Technology savvy to learn and operate different systems
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in both official languages
  • Able to multi-task, problem solve and manage stress
  • Flexible and available to travel
  • Team spirited
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